Sunday, November 08, 2009

"Princess and the Frog" Cast & Crew Screening

Steve got to attend the cast and crew screening for Disney's latest animated feature, The Princess and the Frog. We're all very excited because it's a return to a traditionally animated format, and since those are Steve's roots we want the film to do well. Plus, he made some awesome sculpted items for the film, which I'll probably show off later this week. But for now, let's focus on the party.
There were performers.
There was confetti helping the performers.

There were also celebrities, which is pretty awesome. I mean, they call these things "cast and crew" screenings but the cast seldom shows up. They come to the premiere. But at last night's party Steve got to snap some pics of the cast.
Here's Debbie with Bruno Campos who plays Prince Naveen.
And here's the big moment of the night. Disney bigwig John Lasseter, Michael-Leon Wooley who voiced Louis the alligator, and Princess Tiana herself, Anika Noni Rose. She was delightful, letting everyone approach, introduce themselves, and take photos. Steve also loved the movie. He'd seen earlier versions, obviously, but said the final release was even better.

I stayed home and filed comic books, read comic books and drank beer. It was a pretty great night for both of us.


Sakkeer said...
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Kelly said...

That's so cool! Looks like Steve had fun, and sounds like you had fun!
Man, John Lassiter cleaned up good. I remember him when he was in t-shirt and jeans when "Tin Toy" came out! :)
Love you guys!

Tactless Wonder said...

Yey movie parties! Yey comic book nights!

I can't wait for my niece's reaction to the movie. A NEW princess? Oh my!

Greg said...

I'm excited about the return to the traditional animation. This looks like it's going to be a great film! And just a little jealous that you met the cast.

davidb71 said...

what comics are you reading?

Rick Andreoli said...

Seriously, why am I getting all these crazy comments all of a sudden? (Not you, David, I mean the top deleted comment).

BTW, reading tons of DC stuff-- JLA, Titans, WW, etc.-- and the mutant books and Avengers books at Marvel. Probably some other stuff I can't think of at the moment. Good times.