Monday, November 23, 2009

Rick & Steve's Trapeze Show

Sunday night Steve and I were in a trapeze show together at Cirque School LA. It was Steve's first student showcase-- his first time performing a whole routine for people other than students-- and he did amazingly well. We says he was shaking the whole time, but having been on the ground almost underneath him, I can definitely say that it didn't show.

I was playing a boy scout character, and the props on the left were the things I played with throughout the show when I wasn't clearing pads or boosting girls up onto the trapeze bar. I sort of go through this whole transformation from childish boyscout to punky leather guy at the end. No shots of that at the moment, and no video, but hopefully soon.
Here Steve and I are backstage. We should be getting some more professional photos soon. He looks good as a hunky industrial worker.
Here Steve is in iron cross. Photos are a bit iffy because we couldn't have flash photography going off or else it might mess with a performer.
Here I am in an ankle hang while ripping off my shirt... that wouldn't rip. Oh well. It cam off eventually... That's showbiz.

We're off to see family tomorrow for the holiday but I'm hoping to have some video up soon.


Megaan said...

where is my link? Can u add my link in your blog?

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Amy Witry said...

Wait--A Gay who can't take his shirt off quickly? With a rockin bod like that? My brain is exploding with this information. Doesn't make any sense.

Congrats on a GREAT show!

Motorcycle Parts said...

I kinda go through this transformation of all children boyscout leather punk in the end.