Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trapeze Showcase - November 2009

Steve is super cute.

Here he is resting before beginning a run-through of his performance on the trapeze. This was a rehearsal for this coming Sunday's show and he's pretty amazing. (Contrary to what my ego desires, I'm not posting photos of myself because I don't want to give anything away about what I'm doing this weekend.)

So here are two pics that explain why Steve has been described as "masculine" and "seductive" while up on the bar.

It's a good thing, because Steve struggles with seeing himself as being both masculine and sexy. And thin. He thinks he's fat. It's silly, but after 8 years I've made peace with his insanity (just as he has with mine)


It's true, he is masculine and seductive while in the air. At least in my book.

Hopefully we'll have some video next week.


Tactless Wonder said...

So I feel like I'm calling my brother sexy when I say this...cuz you know you're both my family and I have a hard and fast rule about all that incestuous noise :), but I am in complete agreement with you: Masculine, sexy, and so not fat.

jhkirkendall said...

Amazing! Hooray for Steve!!!

Amy Witry said...

I'd hit that in a circus second! CHIPS!! JUST sexy married awesome gayz! Love you--can't wait for Sunday.